About ME!

"If you can dream it, you can do it" 

-Walt Disney

"If it doesn't scare you, you're probably not dreaming big enough

-Tori Burch

Hi! My name is Ai (pronounced like "I" / "eye"). 

I am an actor, content creator, and former figure skater. 

You will either catch me waking up at 5 AM to start tackling the day's tasks, or see me at the gym lifting or kicking the hell out of the punching bags with my cute pink kickboxing gloves. You can also spot me in a middle of a random street or corner in LA sneaking in some fashion content pics for Instagram hehe. 

My passion for acting started when was 9 years old as I was busy training to become an Olympian. I hated competing but LOVED performing at talent exhibitions. I got to choose my own music, costume, and choreo. I was my own mini director, granted the freedom of telling a story through my performance! However, I found myself wanting to express more with my own voice, character, and being. I knew then that I wanted to pursue acting to allow myself to feel human emotions in every range possible. I found myself creating mini storylines and scenes in my head, and acting out those stories in my bedroom. Loved my one woman show I produced every night! That spark never left me, and here I am making that little girl's dream come true one day at a time.  

I am currently studying the foundation of acting with Meisner Technique at Elizabeth Mestnik Acting Studio. It is crucial for every actor to be grounded with the fundamentals of acting, and that is what I strive to excel in for the next year! 

My favorite word as a child was "Dream". That word to me instilled optimism and motivation that reminded me everyday that anything was possible if I had dreamed it. Seriously, my first hotmail address was aiisdreaming@hotmail.com.

My ultimate dream list: 

To be featured in a MARVEL film.

Work with my childhood favorite director TIM BURTON.

Meet and collaborate with HAYAO MIYAZAKI and maybe create some live action remakes of his widely admired Studio Ghibli films. 

Help young artists in underprivileged cities to embark in their creative careers.